M-Modular Pty Ltd

Smart - Affordable - Sustainable

With many skyscrapers were built last year (2017) in the Melbourne Council Area, predominantly in the CBD, Docklands and Southbank, the Melbourne City is growing at a very high speed. Observing the trend, M-Modular, an engineering and technology consultancy, is founded to with a view to contributing to the rapid development of the city.

Based in Melbourne city, M-Modular is a capable, dynamic, and contemporary team using the Modular construction to create smarter buildings. We create the 3D model using an integrated system of professional platform (such as Building Information Modeling, BIM). Our every project is designed with mobile and modular level to optimize the cost of designing, constructing, and operating.


Meet Our Experts

Our team consists of internationally recognized experts in design of buildings inspired in the modular construction and research in novel material and structure.