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M-Modular Announces Participation in Australian Gov Co-Funded Initiative - Building 4.0 CRC

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In mid 2021, M-Modular’s director made an official announcement that the company is now a partner of Building 4.0 CRC, an industry-led research initiative co-funded by the Australian Government. Building 4.0 CRC was founded as part of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre program in 2020. This initiative aims to boost the development of Australian advanced manufacturing sector with an internationally dynamic competition using tech-focused approaches. The ultimate goal of the project is to transform the industry into an efficient, connected and customer-centric future where the buildings are more superior with a lower cost, lower human capacity and lower energy and material usage and/or waste.

As a contemporary company, M-Modular plays the part of the dynamic and progressive tech-savvy in the Building 4.0 CRC whose priority is to ensure sustainable construction is practiced and maximised via the utilisation of new technologies. M-Modular’s director emphasises the pride of being a part of this initiative along with the responsibility that comes with it. “The construction industry is still growing. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the transformation of the building industry into a more efficient and environmental conscious future, to be a part of the history of the Australian building industry’s development” – said the director of M-Modular.

For more information, visit Building 4.0 CRC’s official website at

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